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Customer Testimonials

"It is with great joy and appreciation that we write this letter of recommendation on behalf of John Williford and Ace Car Care, an important part of our lives because we like to keep our cars for many years.

There are four things that we were looking for in a mechanic to service, maintain and repair our vehicles: 1) Integrity, i.e.: do not tell us you put a part in that was not needed or that you actually did not put in; 2) Fair and competitive prices; 3) Quality workmanship and parts; 4) respect and professional attitude, especially with my wife and daughters.

John has exceeded all of our expectations on many occasions. Finally, if you would like to diversify and enrich your life, go meet John."
- Eduardo & Jimmie Faye B., Plano, Texas
I wanted to drop you a message and let you know that the Suburban is running great and passed the new Texas Inspection and Emissions test. I was very frustrated by the new law that went into effect and the difficulty I was having getting an honest opinion from a mechanic. Now I have the inspection behind me and the truck is running better than ever. I know I can make a few more, longer road trips with confidence now, and I will be stopping back in for a routine checkup now and then."
- "Rags," Dallas, Texas
"I have a 1988 Cadillac Allante that had air conditioning problems. I took it to XXXX Garage where they told me I needed many system components replaced to repair the problem. I did not think that was true and wanted other opinions. I took my car to Ace who diagnosed the problem correctly saving me $600 over the XXXX Garage price. I will use Ace in the future for my car repair needs... a happy customer."
- Ken W., Plano, Texas
As you can see, Ace Car Care is the auto repair shop you can trust for quality service.
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